Passes 100000 Mark on Alexa

A few days back, passed the 100000 Alexa rank.  For a relatively new porn blog, that is actually quite impressive and we’re obviously very happy about that.


Meanwhile, our relaunched is climbing as well and we keep adding new features.  Please do check it out.

Denial of Service Attach

Yesterday, SpankWiki came under a massive denial of service attack from some botnet (most likely).

We have now managed to block these kind of attacks, so SpankWiki should be back to it’s old performance!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best of the Best on Tumblr

We have created a new blog on Tumblr:

This blog will contain the very best posts from all the SpankWiki sites and the posts will be hand picked by our staff.  Please follow this blog.

Jerking off While Fasting

I guess it is hard to get excited if one is starving.  A few days back I noticed a rather sharp drop in SpankWiki visitors and it took me a little time to realise that it coincided with the beginning of the Muslim fasting month.


It is worth noticing that it only lasted a few days and is now nearly back to normal 🙂  So I guess even after starving for a few days, guys do need to let off the steam come hell or high water.

New News Paper

Check out our latest news paper at

It looks really cool!

Referring Sites

One thing that has surprised the webmaster of SpankWiki is the source of referrals.  We get an enormous amount of hits from Google Translate.  The surprise is that people actually bother to translate porn.  We would have thought the language of naked bodies would be pretty much International.

New Site

Please check out our new site:

Contact Us Form Dysfunctional

The Contact Us form have been dysfuncional for a few weeks.  Our apologies but the problem has been fixed now!

SpankWiki on a Roll

SpankWiki is now in the top 150000 on Alexa


And that is worldwide ranking.  Some countries are obviously more horny than others:



Before long we will be in the top 100000.

Pages Moved

All the posts that used to be on this site, has been moved to one of the following sites: