Adult Site Advertising

Or: How to make money on porn sites

Free adult sites, like the ones in the SpankWiki network, are mostly financed by advertising. There are literally hundreds of advertising networks, some good, some average and most of them so bad they are borderlining fraud.

On this page, we will list our experience with these advertising networks.  It is important to stress that the information on this page is our opinion (!) based on actual experience.  We’ve had some complaints about this page from a certain advertising network that did not receive a favorable review.  To those we can just say: “treat your publishers with respect and you might receive favorable reviews.”

From best (top) to worst (bottom):


This is by far our favorite advertising network.  Signing up is quick and painless.  Site approval is prompt.  Payment via Paypal is possible and they pay out every Monday without exception if the balance is above $20.

Their support is excellent.  The few times I have had to contact them, they have responded within a few hours.

I can not recommend Exoclick enough and if you are not using them already, then please click on the above banner and get started!



This is another one of my favorites.  They are based in Europe, so unlike most other ad networks they pay in Euro.  They are a bit harder to get going as they require quite a lot of documentation, but their support was really helpful getting it going and once you have gone through all that it works very well.

Like Exoclick they pay reasonable rates, pay via Paypal and pay promptly every single week if the balance is above 10 Euro.



Adxpansion we can not recommend.  We ran a few Adxpansion ads for about 3 month and the rates were absolutely ridiculously low.  So low in fact that we never reached the point where we would have had a pay out.

Then suddenly after 3 month, with no explanation whatsoever, we received the following email:


We guess that we reached the point where Adxpansion actually had to pay and they decided to keep our money.  One word: “cheats!”


ClickPapa is a relatively new Hungarian outfit, and at first glance, they looked somewhat promising.  Their admin interface is modern and works reasonably well.

Unfortunately after signing up everything went downhill.  Upon signup they assign an account manager.  In my case “Angie”.  Angie was quite nice and helpful all the way, but she was let down by an unbelievable lack of internal communication.

First problem was one of our sites:  That one they refused to approve because bestiality is MENTIONED on the frontpage.  The whole point of the site is that “Whitney Wisconsin” got infamous for talking about bestiality, but it was all talk on Youtube and of course there is absolutely zero bestiality on the site above.  But because of that mention, ClickPapa saw fit to block my account entirely.  No explanation was provided, our login was simply removed.  After quite a long discussion, Angie managed to sort that out and I could again login to the ClickPapa account.  During that process she also “approved” my account.

Forward a couple of month serving loads of ads through our more than 400 sites, I noticed that the rate ClickPapa actually paid was quite below the advertising networks mentioned earlier.  Once it was time for them to pay out (balance > $50), the account again mysteriously changed to “not approved”.  Once I contacted Angie, my account again got instantaneously barred.

Meanwhile, I noticed that an account called “balint” had added me on Skype.  After some initial confusion that tuned out to be another ClickPapa staff who claimed he was now my account manager.


As in turned out they had been browsing through our more than 400 sites, with million of pages and managed to find 3 photos of some Japanese girls shitting themselves and that was their excuse to block my account.


The chat went on:


And I guess that is about it.  Once ClickPapa had to pay they made up an excuse not to.

Let us stress here that we run a clean site.  We do NOT employ bots to do clicks.  Of course we do have tons of bot traffic, Google, Bing, etc., but we are not employing any form of click bots to increase advertising income.

Our opinion is that ClickPapa is fraudt or a scam and we doubt they will ever pay out a single cent to anybody.


I ran JuicyAds advertising for quite a while.  On first glance they look promising.  They have by far the most professional looking site, BUT – that is only on first glance.  When digging in a bit deeper, JuicyAds is far less attractive.

First of all, while their rates sound attractive at first, they deduct something like 25 % on payout even if they pay via Paypal (which is free for them).  They also keep the money for quite some time.  They have a minimum payout of $100 and when your account reach $100 they will only pay out by the end of the month.

Also I have experienced error messages displayed instead of ads on several occasions.  Contacting the owner of the network he claimed this problem had been fixed, but it kept coming back.

Finally, at some point some guy started harassing my service providers and JuicyAds simply cancelled my account without any explanation (and kept the balance they owed me).  Now, that is bordering fraud, so I would suggest to avoid JuicyAds completely.

And you don’t have to take my words on this one – check out

My suggestion – avoid JuicyAds! There are far better options available.